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  • Aging Room

    The Aging Room Cigars are a part of the Boutique Blends brand and are a relatively new brand, having come on the scene in 2010, when cigars were released in small batches. A ’boutique’ blend is a cigar that has been created under one name. The same company controls the manufacturing process from cultivation to distribution. Each batch, such as the Aging Room M365, is never produced in large quantities and quality control is always strict thus achieving brand consistency.

    When Boutique Blends use the term “small batch” thats what they really mean. When brand owner Rafael Nodal finds a particular batch of tobacco, he creates only a finite amount of cigars and once that tobacco is finished, it’s finished! No tobacco substitutions will be made over time to sustain the brand, no matter what the demand. Nor does he change the blend in hopes that no one will notice. Now that is dedication to the craft. As Rafael himself says, “We are not producing cigars for everyone. We are introducing new blends for educated consumers that are looking for cigars with complexity and character.”

  • A J Fernandez

    With three generations in the premium-cigar business, the Fernandez name connotes quality Cuban tradition. Today, this Nicaragua factory, headed by A.J. Fernandez, produces handmade cigars expertly crafted of only the highest-quality tobacco leaf that the selective team finds worthy of its expertly aged and blended cigars, including the many San Lotano lines that have earned numerous high scores in popular cigar publications.

  • Alec Bradley

    This man releases 90+ rated, premium cigars year after year after year. Founder Alan Rubin had one mission in mind when he created Alec Bradley Cigars: give the cigar smoker an unforgettable experience. And since 1996, Alec Bradley has been doing just that.

  • Arturo Fuente

    Arturo Fuente is just like winning the lottery every single day – consistent quality, consistent flavor, consistent construction. It’s the cigar equivalent of how your spot on the couch somehow manages to feel exactly the same no matter how many times you sit on it.

  • Asylum 13

    A high-rated creation by Christian Eiroa, the Asylum line of handmade cigars is crafted in Nicaragua and offers various styles of bold blends to cigar fans looking for top-quality construction along with a unique and innovative edge in both flavor and appearance. Not your everyday premium medium-to-full-bodied smokes, Asylum cigars are big on zest while being balanced on the palate.

  • Brick House

    Brick House Cigars comes from one of the oldest cigar companies on the market today. Brick House Cigars are a delectable Nicaraguan puro that screams of quality and flavor. They use a rare and special Havana Subido wrapper that gives the cigar a rich and well balanced approach to the flavor profile.

  • Casa de Garcia
    Premium-quality handmade cigars that are priced to please, this selection by the Garcia family offers economical enjoyment to everyday cigar smokers. Offered in varying strength profiles, each expertly constructed Casa de Garcia cigar is packed in budget-friendly bundles and built to be smooth and consistent, whether its blend is robust or mellow.
  • CLE

    C.L.E. Cigar Company began as a hobby to bring life to the blends that Christian Luis Eiroa loved the most. Who knew that this love for blending would grow into a collection large enough to create an entire company? Welcome to the C.L.E. Collection.

  • Davidoff

    Created by Zino Davidoff, who originally started producing cigars in Cuba circa 1969. The 1970's saw overwhelming success for the Davidoff brand as cigar shops opened to the public all over the world selling what is now regarded as a premium and exceptional range of cigars crafted in the then new "El Laguito" factory in the suburbs of Havana. Now made in the Dominican Republic.

  • Don Diego

    Don Diego is a classic Dominican cigar with a silky-smooth, almond-colored Connecticut shade wrapper. Beautifully hand rolled, they have a creamy flavor that never bites and a subtle finish with no aftertaste. Don Diego is an excellent cigar, which is perfect for those who prefer a milder smoking experience.

  • Drew Estate

    Jonathan Drew, Marvin Samel, and the team of artisans at Nicaragua’s Drew Estate factory are known for their edgy and innovative take on cigarmaking, while also acknowledging and adhering to time-honored tradition. With such a unique and extensive catalog (including but not limited to the extremely popular infused ACID, Liga Privada, and Herrera Esteli lines), it is no surprise that Drew Estate also has an impressive collection of high ratings from cigar publications. Offering just about every style of premium handmade cigar a smoker could want (plus pipes and pipe tobaccos), Drew Estate has ensured that cigar connoisseurs of all kinds will find a favorite, whether truly traditional in style or on the cutting edge of cigar creativity.

  • Eiroa

    Christian Eiroa The renowned premium cigar master, formerly of Camacho fame, has returned with a passion unleashing his new lineup of Eiroa handmade cigars. All expertly constructed at the company's brand new El Aladino factory in Honduras, Eiroa, his inaugural release, has a medium to full-bodied character with tons of rich Cuban style flavor.  Those looking for the sweetest, blackest, smoke on the planet, will love the brands second offering, Eiroa CBT Maduro. More than just a dark wrapper, Christian put all his top blending skills to the test by creating a trifecta of maduro goodness, as all three components, wrapper, binder, filler employ lush, deep maduro tobaccos. Smooth and remarkably delicious, this full-bodied beauty is destined to become a modern classic. Lastly but certainly not “leastly”, to honor two decades in the stogie biz, Christian and the gang at El Aladino have created his latest blockbuster -Eiroa The First 20 Years. This prized recipe consists of 100% Honduran tobaccos that have been fully aged to perfection. However, what sets it apart from the rest is a rare strain of proprietary tobacco leaf that delivers tasty full-bodied notes of dark chocolate, espresso, and zesty spice. The entire roster of top-notch Eiroa cigars will offer you a unique and satisfying smoking experience unlike anything you have tried before.

  • E.P. Carrillo

    Ernesto Perez-Carrillo the legendary architect behind the famous blockbuster brand La Gloria Cubana has once again captivated the cigar world with a new series of delicious super-premium smokes under his own name, E.P. Carrillo. This delightfully delicious medium to full-bodied masterpiece is outfitted in an oily and dark Ecuador Sumatra wrapper that has been aged for a minimum of 3 years before being placed on top of a zesty blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican long-fillers. A blast of rich bold flavors that include, sweet spice, buttery cream, leather and toast will soothe your palate and calm your soul with every puff.

  • Flor de las Antillas

    Flor de las Antillas means "the flower of the Antilles" which is a name given to Cuba as it sits right in the middle of the Antilles Islands. But in fact the brand is from Nicaragua!

    One of the most authentic manufacturers in the business when it comes to making Cuban-esque cigars.

  • Foundation

    Foundation Cigars are a premium Nicaraguan range of cigars which include a roster of premium blends that will surely appeal to every seasoned cigar aficionado.  The lineup includes El Guegense, a full-bodied Nicaraguan puros constructed with a rare blend of Corojo and Criollo long-fillers from a 2011 and 2012 crop. Also on tap is the Foundation Tabernacle cigar, a super-premium line of all-maduro wrapped beauties in several popular sizes all featuring dark and oily Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper. Foundation Charter Oak cigars pay tribute to the famous Connecticut wrapper leaf with two delicious blends in a Broadleaf and Shade grown variety on top of aged Nicaraguan tobaccos.

  • Gurkha

    Gurkha cigars are Handmade in the Dominican Republic and Honduras. Using only the rarest and finest aged tobacco leaf from several nations and methodically appointing them to each of their blends, you will delight in a multitude of luxurious and unique flavors. Tastefully appointed in artistically themed packaging, and sparing no cost on quality and presentation, Gurkha is often referred to as the "Rolls Royce of cigars”.

  • Illusione

    When Illusione cigars founder Dion Giolito set up, his appraoch was clear: to “do the opposite from everyone else in the industry.” And that’s a goal he's certainly accomplished- from the blends themselves to the leftfield packaging. One of their biggest innovations was introducing the concept of “full-flavor, medium-bodied” cigars, something taken up by other cigar brands.

    From the Cruzado, a dark cigar with a belicoso tip that boasts plenty of toasty woody flavors with a hint of salt combined with a hickory-smoked sweetness receiving a 91-pint rating to the Fume D'Amour, an impressive 95-rating for its superb balanced flavor, Illusione cigars are a premium choice whcih we exclusively import into Malaysia.

  • Kristoff

    The popular Kristoff Cigars have been pleasing cigar aficionados since 2004, by handcrafting some of the finest boutique cigars in the industry.  The company has built a stellar reputation using only the finest double, and triple-fermented premium tobaccos, rolled by master blenders with generations of Cuban cigar making experience. The heralded Kristoff portfolio features a varied selection of unique and tantalizing blends created to accommodate every smokers taste.

  • La Estrella Cubana

    Available in boxes of 20, La Estrella Cubana Cigars are flavorful premium cigars handmade in Estelí, Nicaragua. The Cubana Habano line features a stunning brick-red Nicaraguan wrapper, a Honduran binder, and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. This medium to full body gem will appeal to fans of rich Cuban style flavor with hearty notes of spice, leather, dark roast coffee, and caramel. La Estrella Cubana is a unique and satisfying smoke with a surprisingly affordable sticker price.

  • La Flor Dominicana

    La Flor Dominicana was founded in 1996 in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Our commitment to quality, consistency and customer service has placed our brand among the most prestigious premium cigar brands in the world. Over the years we have developed a portfolio of quality blends, shapes, and sizes which fulfill the ever-changing needs of today’s cigar smokers. Our well-known consistency is possible because we personally supervise every stage of our production; from farming our tobacco at our farm in La Canela, to the art of manufacturing in our modern factory. This vertical integration is our guarantee! We appreciate your support and partnership.

  • La Ley

    LA LEY cigars delight the aficionado's senses with a firm and harmonious personality;imbued with a strength that is well rounded, aromas that are full and rich.

  • My Father

    My Father Cigars is really two stories in one: the Cuban cigar craftsmanship of Don Pepin, and how a boutique cigar company is quickly becoming one of the most influential manufacturers in the tobacco world.

  • Nicarao

    Nicarao cigars are known for their ultra-boutique handmade masterpieces and you may have even come across them a time or two since they have been around a while. What you may not know is that the name comes from the sixteenth century when Spanish Conquistador Gil Gonzalez Dávila was first European to come to Central America. The native leader, Chief Nicarao, gave the Conquistador brown leaves to smoke. The Conquistador was impressed and named the new region Nicaragua after the Chief.

  • NUB

    Like all innovative products, the nub started as a mere idea at the Oliva factory in Nicaragua. The torcedor wanted to make a cigar that hit its sweet spot at first light. No fuss, no muss – no wait. The result is the Nub cigar.

    The Nub by Olivia comes in a variety of wrappers, but each and every one uses captivating Nicaraguan tobacco. Despite its short length, the Nub burns just as long as a full sized Toro or Churchill. In fact, this uniquely stout cigar successfully captures the flavor and body of the last four, five inches of a traditional cigar all the way through. You get the ‘sweet spot’ all the way through.

  • Oliva

    The Oliva Cigar story began in the late 1800s, when Melanio Oliva started growing cigar tobacco in Cuba. His heirs carried on the family tradition in the fields, but it was his grandson Gilberto Oliva Sr. who began making cigars. He left his native Cuba in 1964, and eventually started working for the Plasencia family in Honduras. In 1995 he and his son Gilberto Jr. created a cigar within Plasencia’s factory called Gilberto Oliva. A year later, they set out to open a factory of their own, and shortened their brand name to Oliva.

  • Omar Ortez
    The tremendously talented cigar master Omar Ortez makes his premium handmade cigars on his farm in Nicaragua just north of Estelí. His lineup consists of two blends, The Original, a Nicaraguan puro with Dark ligero fillers that offer a bold, spicy flavor and his luscious maduro with a peppery Mexican binder, and a dark and rich Nicaraguan maduro wrapper. Both of these wonderful blends will entice your palate with a deep rich and satisfying smoke.
  • Padron

    Everyone loves a good Padron cigar. With exceptional quality standards, and well-balanced blends, few can compete with the renowned portfolio of Padron cigars.

  • PDR

    What distinguishes PDR from many of the other boutique cigars is the fact that they uses a complex rolling technique called “Entubado” which is a technique of bunching the filler tobacco. This lets you build a more airy and complex filler bunch by adding more tobacco but rolling it in a way that the draw is always perfect. The end result is an uncompromisingly rich smoke with massive clouds of tobacco goodness!

    As for the flavor, Abe Flores has created his very unique blends using only the finest blend of Dominican, Nicaraguan and rare Brazilian tobaccos.

  • Perdomo
    Nick Perdomo is one of the true legends in the premium cigar industry, and no one makes cigars with the strict quality control that he employs to deliver boutique quality cigars of unparalleled quality. From his state of the art facility in Estelí, Nicaragua, Nick oversees every facet of the operation and makes sure no cigar leaves his factory until it has met his rigid standards of excellence. Every Perdomo blend offers the smoker tons of delectably balanced and smooth flavors and aromas.
  • Plasencia

    The premium handmade lineup of Plasencia cigars are the namesake of one of the most influential people currently active in the cigar industry, Nestor Plasencia. With factories in both Honduras and Nicaragua, there’s nothing this cigar maker can’t do; he grows his own tobacco, rolls his own cigars and has helped pioneer the vision of other cigar brands including Rocky Patel and Alec Bradley, just to name a few. Because of his heavy involvement in all aspects of cigar creation, you are in for an enjoyable experience when you smoke anyone of his cigars.

  • Quorum

    Made in Nicaragua. Quorum Cigars are one of the best kept secrets in cigars and are available through us at an unbelievable price. Quorums are very popular for their quality and consistency and have a growing fanbase thanks to their value price. 

  • Rocky Patel

    The legendary Rocky Patel is one of the pioneers of the enormously popular boutique-cigar category. In addition, all of Rocky’s blends have consistently remained near the top of the list of quality small-batch cigar brands. At a factory in Nicaragua, Rocky Patel cigars are crafted with copious, complex flavors via the finest blends of premium tobaccos from a variety of nations and growing regions around the world. All of Rocky Patel’s cigars remain in high demand by consistently scoring 90+ ratings in top industry publications, and offering a dizzying array of blends that range from mild to knock-your-socks-off strong.

  • Vegafina

    Vegafina cigars are hand-rolled at the famous Tabacalera de Garcia factory in the Dominican Republic, the same factory that produces Montecristo, H. Upmann, and Romeo y Julieta cigars. Combining a creamy Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper with smooth tobaccos from Columbia, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic, Vegafina exudes satisfying mild character with nuances of chocolate, caramel, and leather.

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